Please pass this on to those you love. Or, at least tell them that you love them. Do it now.

In memory of my husband, Nick,
Who left this earth so quickly
On January 26, 1999.

Baby, I miss you terribly.
I love you
just as I said to you
when I hung up
 the phone
on that call.
Little did I know.....

In the past year,
I have been making
somewhat of a pest of myself.
So what's new?
Telling people to call their
right NOW
and tell them they
love them.

Baby, you know what?
some have
been doing it!

We said it to
each other a lot.
I don't even have
a clue how many
times every day,
just it was a lot.

I wish we could
do that a
more times.

I miss your voice.

I'm without you
and hating it.
You will always be in my heart.

I'll love you always

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